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About me

“In my childhood I did see a lot of painting which influenced to become an artist. As I became older and studied, I want to choose my own way,”.

“I love Van Gogh’s way of painting and the work of impressionists. As a woman I like the art of the painter Tamara de Limpicka. Her art is of its time. I like the way she expresses herself in her work. It is free of stress. I like the freshness and brightness of her art. It is as if she is looking out at the world from a dark room in to the light. And her work is filled with longing and it is exotic. It is something of another world, but I can recognize what she is saying in her painting.
The art of Nguyen Sang and To Ngoc Van have both influenced me. Nguyen Sang’ s art is special to me. His colours are very special and so is the content of his art. To Ngoc Van’s work has touched me emotionally, as has the work of Kim Bach, An old woman artist who lives in Hanoi and is now over 70 years old. I like her spirit, the simplicity, and morality in her work about women, and the daily activity of Vietnam and of the War.
Mostly the way I enjoy other artists’ works is emotionally, and not so much the technical aspects of their art.”


1961 Born in Thanh Hoa Province
1981 Graduated from Thanh Hoa Arts College
Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association
Member of Thanh Hoa Literature and Art Association – Art specialist
Chief material: Oil on canvas